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Healthy 4 Ingredient Nutella

Creamy, chocolatey and indulgent Nutella, made with just four ingredients. A healthy treat that tastes just like the real thing! Spread it on sandwiches, toasts, waffles, and everything you like.

I remember when I was little and used to go to my friends’ birthday parties. When we sat to eat, I always picked up a Nutella sandwich, even though I usually skipped cake later. Weird kid… I mean, who doesn’t like cake?

On Fridays, sometimes my mum used to make me a Nutella sandwich as an afternoon snack because well, it was already the weekend. Oh, and it was my go-to snack during the long days at the beach.

We can pretty much say that Nutella sandwiches are linked to almost all of my happy childhood memories.

Growing up, I switched to carob spread. That was in my macrobiotic phase, when I used to avoid everything chocolatey. And it wasn’t bad. But it just didn’t taste like Nutella.

Thank God, I recovered my sanity. Because a life without chocolate? No thanks, that’s way too sad!

Of course, I was not going to go back to the sugar-unhealthy-fat-packed supermarket Nutella. But I still craved my hazelnut chocolate spread. So I headed to the kitchen, threw a packet of roasted hazelnuts into a blender, added vanilla extract, some cacao powder, and coconut sugar.

BOOM! In a few minutes, I ended up with a whole jar of creamy, rich, nutty Nutella. I went right straight to tell my mum, and she finished almost half a jar with rice crackers.

It was so good and healthy that I started making Nutella jars non-stop and giving them as a present. To my cousins, to my friends. And even to my mum colleagues!

That's when I decided that I had to share this recipe. So this is a gift to say thank you for being there and reading my posts!

So if you love this recipe as much as I do please, let me know in the comments! Give it a try, share it, and post a picture on Instagram, tagging me as @iambelemgarcia and with the hashtag #ThisTulaLife. I'd love to see the result!


Healthy 4 Ingredient Nutella


400g roasted unsalted hazelnuts 3 Tbsp cocoa powder** 1/4 c granulated sweetener, such as coconut sugar or erythritol (add more to taste) 1 Tbsp vanilla extract


  1. Blend the hazelnuts in a high-powered blender, scraping sides down from time to time to ensure a homogeneous texture.

  2. Once the hazelnut butter is smooth and runny, add the remaining ingredients. Blend again until they are fully incorporated, and it has a Nutella texture.

  3. Transfer to a jar. Store in the fridge if you want a firmer texture, or in the pantry if you prefer it runnier.


*This is usually the minimum amount that most blenders need to achieve a smooth hazelnut butter. If you use fewer hazelnuts, it will probably have a grainy texture.

**Feel free to adjust the cocoa powder depending on if you want a richer Nutella or a milder one.

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