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Ayurveda & Relationships: Dosha Combinations

Is it better to have a relationship with someone that shares your Ayurvedic dosha? Or with a person that has the opposite qualities? Keep reading to find out the best combinations for each kind of partnership, so you can have happy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.

As I told you in my previous post, the doshas in Ayurveda (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) determine our personality and behaviour.

Therefore, they are a key component in understanding how we relate to others and what we look for in a partnership, whether it is romantic or not.

There are six possible ways in which each dosha can relate to another. Vata + Vata, Vata + Pitta, Vata + Kapha, Pitta + Pitta, Kapha + Pitta, and Kapha + Kapha. Let’s explore them in detail!

Vata + Vata:

Pro’s: This is one of the most exciting combinations. Two Vatas together will have lots of fun and adventures.

Be ready for deep conversations, non-stop travelling, and meaningful connections. This relationship will be everything but boring!

Con’s: all of this constant activity and excitement might cause physical imbalances on Vata, leading to health issues such as anxiety, constipation, or insomnia.

The shadow side of Vata is that they love the beginning of things. At first, they can be very keen on their new friend or partner.

But as time goes by, chances are both will get tired of each other.

Vata + Pitta:

Pro’s: Pitta will bring some direction and commitment to the relationship.

As Vata is unpredictable and lacks organisation, they benefit from someone who can take the lead, setting the next steps in the relationship.

Con’s: Vatas are very sensitive people, and might get offended by Pitta’s bald (and sometimes offensive) statements.

On the other hand, Pitta might become irritated by the last minute changes and tardy nature of Vata, while Vata might feel constricted by the excess planning and control of Pitta.

Vata + Kapha:

Pro’s: The faithful Kapha will bring some grounding and stability to the anxious and all-over-the-place Vata.

And in turn, a partnership with a Vata will give some stimulation, change and movement to the slow and cosy Kapha.

Another benefit of this combination is that Kaphas are very good at listening and holding space for others.

Hence, the talkative and indecisive Vatas will feel heard and safe.

Con’s: they have very different personalities, and might seem like they do not have many things in common.

While Vata can’t sit still and loves trying new things, Kapha likes the comfort of having a fixed routine.

The independent and detached Vata could feel trapped by Kapha’s possessiveness and codependency. Plus, they could also feel stuck with Kapha’s predictability and stubbornness.

For their part, Kaphas might become exhausted by all the activity and constant change of Vata, which will make them irritable and resentful.

Pitta + Pitta:

Pro’s: Their passion and chemistry is undeniable. They will want to do everything with each other because they have similar interests, and their minds operate in the same organised and focused way.

Two Pittas together could also be great business partners, since both are structured, analytical, and ambitious.

Con’s: Pittas are opinionated and passional, so there’s a risk that they will be constantly engaged in fiery, aggressive arguments, even for the silliest things.

Pitta always wants to be right and impose their way of doing things. So unless they learn to be more lenient and take life less seriously, it will be almost impossible for them to agree on anything.

Another disadvantage of this combination is that they both might have very tight schedules, compromising the amount of quality time they can spend together.

Kapha + Pitta

Pro’s: The sweet and devoted Kapha will pamper Pitta with attention and good food to satisfy their strong appetite.

A Kapha partner will also allow Pitta to take the lead, agreeing with everything they say, which will make this latter to feel recognised and valued.

Pitta also appreciates the stability and fixed habits of Kapha, since they make them feel in control.

Con’s: Kapha enjoys Pitta’s fiery nature and stimulation. However, they can easily get hurt by their direct answers and commands.

In turn, if Kapha becomes too clingy or possessive, Pittas can feel like they are holding them back from achieving their goals, interfering with their success.

Another disadvantage of this combination is that Pitta likes taking part in active discussions and arguments, so with a partner that is too compliant they might end up getting bored.

Kapha + Kapha:

Pro’s: Any relationship that involves two Kaphas will be a loyal, long-lasting, and stable one.

If it’s a romantic partnership, love, commitment, and faithfulness are guaranteed.

Con’s: they can become too comfortable and lazy, and might indulge themselves with lots of food and sleep.

This sedentary lifestyle can lead to health imbalances such as obesity, emotional eating or lung problems.

Besides, it could also cause them to stay in their comfort zone and resist change, feeling unmotivated and lacking a direction in life.

Kaphas can also fall into the trap of codependency, becoming needy and possessive. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that they are not focused on pleasing their partner, forgetting about themselves and their needs.

To conclude

When it comes to relationships and Ayurveda, there is not a combination better than others. As always, everything comes down to the specific person, and how balanced or imbalanced are their doshas.

Plus, the nature of the relationships will also have a say in the qualities you value the most in a partnership. For example, a Vata dating a Pitta may feel constricted by their excessive discipline and organisation.

However, when it comes to a business partnership, that driven and determination of Pitta balances out the lack of focus and structure of Vata.

And likewise, Vata’s creativity and ideas out of the box compensate Pitta’s ambition and need to control.

That being said, the intention of this post is not for you to reject or accept partners, friends, or coworkers based on whether they are a good match for your dosha or not.

Instead, I want it to be a guide for you to understand each other better, and empower you to have more conscious and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.

Either way, by keeping your doshas in balance, a bit of commitment, and lots of love, any kind of relationship can work out!

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